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General Event Cancellation Insurance

What It Covers

Any expenses plus net profit lost as a result of the necessary cancellation, abandonment, disruption or rescheduling of indoor and outdoor events due to perils beyond the control of the event promoter and/or organiser, including, but not limited to;

  • adverse weather, including:
    • storms
    • extreme rainfall
    • flash flooding
    • dangerous wind speeds
    • extreme temperatures
  • venue damage, typically caused by:
    • fire
    • gas leak
    • water leak
    • fire sprinklers being set off
    • adverse weather such as a violent storm or flash flooding
  • prevention of access to the venue, typically caused by:
    • fire in neighbouring property/streets
    • gas or water mains leak in the neighbouring streets
    • crime scene at the venue or in the neighbouring streets
    • workplace accident at the venue requiring immediate investigation by department of workplace safety
    • terrorism incident or threat at the venue or nearby area*
    • adverse weather such as a violent storm or flash flooding
    • closure of venue due to outbreak of legionnaires disease, food poisoning, etc

Who It's For

Event organisers/managers, concert and tour promoters, ad agencies, media companies, filmmakers, charities and not for profits, schools and community groups, and any other entity that organises events.

Where It's For

Altamont can insure events that take place anywhere in the world (excluding Lloyd’s sanctioned countries) as long as the Insured is domiciled in Australia or New Zealand.