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Conference & Exhibition Insurance Package

What It Covers

  • Any expenses plus net profit lost as a result of the necessary cancellation, abandonment, disruption or rescheduling of indoor and outdoor conferences, exhibitions, trade shows, seminars, business meetings and similar events due to perils beyond the control of the event promoter and/or organiser.
  • Complimentary terrorism cover (act and/or threat of terrorism occurring anywhere in Australia or New Zealand)
  • Complimentary Property and Money cover up to $150,000 per event
  • Complimentary limited non appearance cover for guest speakers
  • Optional Public Liability cover with limit up to $20 million can be added if required
  • Optional coverage extensions available including extended terrorism cover, key speaker non appearance cover, communicable disease outbreak, unavoidable travel delay, and national mourning

Who It's For

Professional Conference Organisers (PCO’s), Event managers, industry associations, charities and not for profits, schools and community groups, and any other entity that organises conferences, trade shows, exhibitions, seminars and similar business events.

Where It's For

Altamont can insure events that take place anywhere in the world (excluding Lloyd’s sanctioned countries) as long as the Insured is domiciled in Australia or New Zealand.