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Why Folding Machines Are A Worthwhile Investment

Does your business regularly send mass or complex letters to existing clients and potential customers? If you often distribute mass and complex letters, folder machines can be a very valuable investment.

Today, your staff's valuable time can be taken by folding and filling envelopes. The paper folding machines at offices can do a variety of complicated folding and inserting tasks, giving your staff more time to increase productivity in other fields and help your business grow.

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The folder will provide a professional look and allow you to communicate regularly with your customers, without spending valuable staff time.

It won't be long before the cost of an inserter folder machine has been returned to your business when you consider the financial benefits to be enjoyed – giving more time for your employees to concentrate on other tasks; make more professional images for your mail-out, and increase the number of your emails to customers.

The PHL inserter machine is a feature in many mail rooms and is a very popular choice. PHL machines 2042 2043 and 2044 are all designed to be placed on the desktop and therefore can be placed prominently in the office, where the machine can be accessed by all members of your team if needed.

Their design is compact and all three machines are designed to fold your letter, put it in an envelope and close the envelope.