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Some Awesome Ways To Judge The Quality Of White Marble

Everybody wants to make their home look beautiful, so they put all efforts to make their home look different and unique.

Things like marble, granite and normal tiles help in making your home look more neat and clean.  Not only this, these tiles come in various designs that’s why more people make use of it to make their place look more attractive.

Not these tiles are used to make homes beautiful but these white marbles are the priority in a hotel project.


When a hotel is built these white marbles are mostly preferred as it seems to be more beautiful as compared to any other tile.

But the question arises is that how you can judge which marble is of good quality? And which is not?

So to know this you should go through this article till the end.

Some awesome ways to know the quality of the white marble

  1.    When you visit the marble store then you have to inspect that marble from both sides that are from the front and back side both.

    If you found it covered by the net or any other stuff ask them to take off so that you can observe it thoroughly. If you find any crack or scratch on it then avoid buying that kind of marble.

white marble

  1.  A high-quality white marble shouldn’t contain holes or pores on its surface. So if you find any type of fillings on it then directly reject that marble, as it may get prone to damage afterward.

    So you should avoid these kinds of white marbles.

  2.    Observe the shape and edges of the marble if you don’t find it in perfect shape then avoid buying it, as it will create problems afterward while fixing it on the floor.

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