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The New Challenges Of Computer Forensic

Computer crime has become the ugly side of the Internet revolution and its resurgence cannot, unfortunately, be seen as a surprise. There are always those people who will look to exploit the system and the 'game', look for loopholes and make a quick buck.

Computers have provided criminals with a new arena to participate in and as a result, crime-fighting techniques must be developed and adapted to the new playing conditions and through sophisticated computer forensics, evidence suggests they do a good job of keeping.

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Computer forensics can be used to prove innocence and punish the guilty. An ordinary computer forensic investigation can involve restoring data that is considered lost from the hard drive and network. Restoring data that has been estimated to have been removed, decrypt the data using advanced algorithms and build usage profiles can all be used when put together to build a case against someone accused of a crime digital.

As we move into another decade no signs of slowing down computer use and abuse. The internet connection is almost as common as TV for most households in the western world and it is not unusual to meet someone who does not have an e-mail. Extensive growth of Internet services which now includes banking, shopping and all the material means of digital media there throughout the growing digital economy.