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Real Benefits Of Video Conferencing For Businesses

Video conferencing has been used commercially since the 1970s and is intended to support groups, rather than individuals through a simultaneous audio and video link. Each player needs access to the internet in addition to a webcam, display screen, a microphone and set of speakers.

In the business world, the video conference system is being used mainly for demonstrations, training, board meetings etc. But what are the actual benefits to companies and will they ever fully replace face to face meetings?


Video conferencing saves time

There’s no denying that, when it is necessary to gather delegates from all over the city, the nation, or even the Earth, video conferencing saves a massive amount of time in traveling. Meetings can begin promptly without being delayed as a result of late arrivals of trains or airplanes, or the effect of traffic or bad weather.

Video conferencing saves money

Video conferencing cuts down the costs which a company spends on sending their workers to various locations. It allows delegates from all over the planet to meet quickly and easily with minimal cost to the enterprise.


Video conferencing is better for the environment

It goes without saying that, with delegates not traveling to meetings, holding a video conference is much more environmentally friendly, especially if there’s substantial travel involved such as moving abroad.

Maintaining the carbon footprint is becoming more and more important to companies and therefore video conferencing helps prevent unnecessary travel whilst not devoting crucial business opportunities.


Video conferencing enhances business relationships

Obviously, meetings could be far more about improving and improving business relationships than about the actual business in hand. Establishing connections between colleagues, customers and suppliers are Crucial to running a successful company and face to face meetings are the best way to facilitate this.

But when these are not possible, holding a ‘face to face’ video conference can be a great alternative to meeting in person. Giving people the opportunity to present, catch up or just brainstorm In front of one another is an excellent way to promote effective working.