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The Pros And Cons Of Porcelain Floor Tiles

Porcelain us a flooring solution made from very dense clay that is fired at high temperatures than standard ceramic tile flooring is. It is made up of clay and other natural materials blended together and fired in a furnace. It is known for being highly uniform in constructions and non-porous and that makes it better for space with fluctuating temperatures and more reliable options.

Porcelain is a type of ceramic tile that is characterized by being stronger, harder, purer and more water-resistant than ordinary ceramics, which are already quite durable. The inherent versatility gives ceramic tile the ability to provide a number of benefits in a variety of architectural surface covering applications. There are various tile flooring company that helps you to remodel your homes and kitchens to a greater extent. However, as with all flooring options, there are both advantages and disadvantages to its use.


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In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of porcelain floor tiles in great detail.

Benefits of Porcelain Floor Tiles

  • Design Flexibility

Modern porcelain tiles can very convincingly mimic all sort of traditional flooring materials such as marble, granite, steel, bamboo etc. Visually, these can be almost indistinguishable from the real thing.

  • Durability

These are some of the toughest floorings options available. Hard, dense and solid porcelain is resistant to most heavy impact stresses and can even be used in commercial environments. In general, this material should be classified with a PEI rating of at least 5 making it suitable for high traffic spaces and heavy equipment use.


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  • Resistance to Liquids

The density of glazed porcelain tile makes it more resistant to liquid penetration than other, more porous type of ceramic. This advantage can be increased through the application of a melted glass glaze, which will make any surface it is adhered to completely impervious to water

Drawbacks of Porcelain Floor Tiles

  • Heavey weight

As with all hard tile flooring options, these materials tend to be quite heavy, That makes the installation process a difficult and laborious task. It also restricts the use of these products in the most second and upper story environments, unless the buildings are specifically builts to able to handle the extra stress.

  • High Price

Porcelain tiles can be somewhat pricey and these materials often outpace already expensive standard ceramic options. This is increased by the cost of the installation which can add 25-50% of the total cost depending on the locations and the specifies the of the project.


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It is important to rethink the porcelain tile benefits and drawbacks to this flooring solution. As long as you don’t mind the added cost of the flooring, the added weight that it brings to your home or business to the difficulty to repair or install. It is one of the toughest floor varieties that you can go with and it is an excellent option for pet owners. Check out here to learn the different variety of porcelain tiles in great detail so that you can have many options to choose from.

The Cost Considerations With Mosaic Tiles

When it comes to home renovation, budget is a big concern. You want to make sure you get a beautiful product that helps you create your dream space without breaking the bank. To achieve this, it is best to do some research on places where splurging and saving will work.

If you are looking for a mosaic tile flooring company for your home, there are several factors that will determine the cost of a project.


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In this article, we will discuss what are the cost considerations with Mosaic Tiles in great detail.

  • Material

You have a lot of options to choose from to create your mosaic tile design. From glass to ceramic to metal to natural stone, your home could incorporate a whole range of looks and as you can imagine, materials are prices differently.

It is important to know that less-experience materials can be just as beautiful as the pricer ones. For instance, ceramic mosaic tile comes in an endless variety of colours and cut options, letting you create a unique design in your home.


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  • Cut and design

From simple squares to ornate curves, mosaic wall tiles cuts and design can specialize your design, the more experienced your design, the more expensive installation will be.

  • Installation

If you plan to the DIY route, you have to purchase to rent supplies before you can install your mosaic tiles. For most mosaic tiles types, you will need a diamond saw blade, wet saw, finishing nails, a -notch trowel, a grout float grout and a level.


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From material to design to installation, you have many factors to consider when picking mosaic for your home. Compare costs for products and services and weigh them against your renovation budget to ensure your finished design is both beautiful and affordable. You should treat your mosaic tiles with care keeping up with regular cleaning routine. Check out here to learn the type of tile you choose can make or break your remodelling project in great detail.