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Brief Information About Stainless Steel Fabrication

The method of bending or cutting used to build metal structures is called as stainless steel fabrication. It is one of the most favored metals used for this process.

Structures that can rust ought to be replaced that can result in extra cost. Stainless steel is the better choice as it has extra chromium present than carbon steel. Carbon steel usually rusts quickly in the presence of oxygen or water so it is important to consider how to remove rust from steel.

Stainless steel is the preferred choice than the carbon steel. Stainless steel has a chromium oxide that prevents rust to the internal structure of the metal.

How is Stainless Steel Produced?

Stainless steel is composed of iron ore, nickel, chromium, and silicon. Then they are heated in a blast furnace, which usually takes 12 hours to melt. The mixture is then molded into the required shape, washed and lastly polished.


It has been known that passivation can improve the resistance of rust in stainless steel i.e. Passivation of stainless steel is the process that can remove ion from the metal surface. This can be performed by immersing the steel in a powerful oxidant.

The best thing about this process is that it does not change the thickness of the steel. This process is helpful in obtaining a clean surface, required for coating and other processes. This is important to know if the oxidant is not removed properly, then the problem of corrosion may still happen in the cracks.


Stainless steel is also suitable for recycling. There may be many reasons for which recycling is required for example if the design is no longer popular, maybe it requires to be replaced by a new design; more effective technology.

Architectural Uses of Steel

Stainless steel can be used for different applications such as buildings and fabrication. Due to the stiffness of the metal, buildings usually maintain their unique look.