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Tips For Choosing The Right Wine Glasses

Finding the right glasses requires six points of consideration: size, shape, design, weight, material, and aesthetics. The size of the glass is determined by the type of wine you want to drink from it. In general, red wine glasses are larger than white wine glasses, and glasses intended for high-quality wine are larger than ordinary wine glasses.

White wine has far less tannin, and in general, does not benefit from oxidation. Smaller glasses are also better for whites because they are served cold. Obviously, it takes longer to drink larger amounts of wine. You can hire these wine glasses by browsing at:

One white wine that is an exception to these rules is white Burgundy. This high-quality white benefits from air exposure, and is best served at standard red wine temperatures, from 55 to 59 degrees Fahrenheit.

Another type of unique shaped wine glass is the champagne flute. They have narrow and high bowls to prevent their bubbles from disappearing quickly. A tulip-shaped champagne flute is better than a straight or trumpet shape because, like most wine glasses, a narrower mouth serves to center the bouquet in the glass.

As far as design goes, traditional glasses, long bars are definitely preferred over glasses without bars. The stem serves several important functions. First, by lifting the glass from the table, it lets you see the color of the wine.