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Amblyopia: Early Detection Means Faster Recovery

Our good vision helps us in everything we do. It tells us what the world is like every day. Our eyes move together like a team that has the ability to scan our environment, shift our focus back and forth, and it helps us remember things, names, colors, and shapes even after we close them.

We do this activity without our knowledge. But if you have problems or difficulties in processing images, this can greatly affect your daily activities.

For children, this can be very challenging because they are in the stage where they are still trying to learn. You can consult a doctor and get to know more about lazy eye diagnosis in Toronto

Amblyopia or what we commonly refer to as lazy eyes is a pediatric condition caused by decreased vision of one or both eyes due to visual system disorders.

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Most often, this seems to be asymptomatic because of the fact that the brain can actually focus on the good eye.

When this happens, it is preferable for a good eye to see objects and as a result, one can hit a wall or objects on the bad side with the affected eye.

This condition can be caused by a bias error with a greater difference between the eyes, irreversible astigmatism, eye misalignment, and a large degree of refractive error.

The best treatment for this condition is to have a Toronto ophthalmologist do a comprehensive eye examination for early detection and diagnosis.

Once detected, the doctor can start the most appropriate treatment plan as soon as possible. Early diagnosis can contribute to complete recovery of vision because as children get older, the lower the effectiveness of treatment.