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What Is The Significance of Intrusion Detection System?

An intrusion detection system is specially designed to monitor inbound and outbound network activity. It is a perfect passive security system. The main function of this system is to identify suspicious patterns that further indicate a network or system attack.

This attack is done by an unidentified object who is trying to break into the system. You can get in contact of security companies in Tampa FL for intrusion detection system installation.


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The reason why the intrusion prevention system is considered as a passive monitoring system is given below:

  • The intrusion detection system warns about the suspicious activity that might be taking place.
  • IDS check the network traffic through which it can identify probes, attacks, exploits, and other vulnerabilities.
  • This system responds to the suspicious event by using different ways. For example displaying an alert, logging the event or even paging the administrator.
  • Re-configuration of the network is also done in order to reduce the effects of the suspicious intrusion.
  • Any kind of virus, worm or hacker can be easily identified by this system as it results in suspicious activity.
  • With the help of intrusion signatures, various worms or viruses can be characterized. The general difference can be tracked with intrusion signatures that are quite different from regular system activity.
  • Intrusion detection solutions is an open source program which provides secure vendor software appliances and sensor devices. These devices are often installed at various points of the network.

Intrusion Detection System

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On the bases of functionalities an Intrusion Detection System is divided into different category as given below:

  • ¬†Network and Host-based detection
  • ¬†Misuse and anomaly detection

Network-based IDS systems

These are stand-alone hardware appliances that have network intrusion detection capabilities. In such systems, hardware sensors are installed at different points of the network. These sensor devices detect the data packet entering or leaving your network. To know more about Intrusion Detection System click here.

Misuse detection

Here the relevant information is collected and differentiated from databases of attack signatures.