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How To Add Or Edit Vehicle Information In DoorDash Delivery App

DooDash delivery app is the best way for extra earnings. It is an online food delivery portal. It is very easy to use but sometimes a new user may get some problems while adding or editing information about vehicles. we will let you know how to add or edit vehicle information in the DoorDash delivery app and DoorDash delivery fee that varies according to the demand. 

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DoorDash delivery fee usually ranges from  $1.99-$4.99 but may vary according to the requirement. The charges are displayed with an icon and a message has been written over there that delivery fees are increased due to high demand.

How to Add or Edit Information Vehicles

Dashers can choose from different kinds of dashboards, depending on the angle they started. Dash has the following transportation methods:

  • Motorcycles (motorized)
  • Automobile (motorized)
  • Scooter (motorized) 
  • Ebike
  • Bike
  • Pizza bike
  • Walk

You can edit the information in the Dash portal. Dash portal allows you to register information only for one vehicle at any one time and this time the vehicle model/year information is not required.

Example: You want to register a car that is different from what is currently displayed in your application.

  1. Go to and follow the steps:
  2. Sign in using your DoorDash email and password.
  3. Click profile
  4. User-added image
  5. Update details in the Vehicle Information segment.
  6. Click on Save Profile.

If you want to add other types of Dash, please see How to add a new type Dash or switch between dash type.

You can run using a different vehicle than what is shown in your profile. You do not need to go into your profile every day to change the vehicle you will be using.

If you are setting up the vehicle for the first time, switching or adding a bike, or add a bike and car, you can simply contact the DoorDash support system.