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Understanding The Working Of CNC Machine

CNC refers to computer numerical control. NC machine work according to the instructions fed in the controller unit. The CNC machine includes minicomputer or microcomputer that operates as the controller unit of the machine.

In the case of NC machine, we add a program in the punch cards whereas in case of CNC machines the instructions are directly fed to the computer through the small board. The small board is the same as a traditional keyboard.

The program is stored in the memory of the computer in case of a CNC machine. The code can be written and edited easily as per the requirements. This program or code can be used for different parts of the machine.


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CNC machine provides greater additional flexibility and computational capability as compared to the NC machine. The incorporation of a new system can be done to a CNC controller just by reprogramming the unit.

Due to the features such as capacity and the flexibility, the CNC machine is also sometimes called ‘soft-wired’. You can look for good manufacturing companies in Australia for performing such services.


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Working of CNC machine

CNC machine consists of a computer in which program is added for cutting of metal according to the requirement. For any kind of CNC cutting service, we fed dimensions to the computer through the program.

After setting up the dimensions in the computer, the cutting process is started by the machine. CNC machine are similar to Robot; you just have to add the program and it will follow the instruction.

The tools that run on CNC machine are:

  •    Lathe
  •    Milling machine
  •    Drilling Machine

With these tools, the shape is provided to the metal by removing some of the excess metal. The shape provided can be round, rectangular, etc. You can discover more about CNC machine here.

In the traditional method of cutting, the operation is carried out by the experts. There are many jobs in which accuracy is required for performing the operation. With the CNC machines, the work of the operator is minimized as the computer regulates the machine tool to perform different machine operations.