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All about roof racks for off-road vehicles

If you are keen on camping tours and concerned about how to take your stuff then a roof rack may be your solution. Roof racks allow you to carry large items such as bags, ladders, kayaks, canoes, camping and fishing gear that will not go inside the vehicle.


There are many options when considering a roof rack but if your vehicle has company fitted side rails then, for this rack, all that is needed are crossbars that append to the side rails. Other variations are racks that have accessories, or straps, that attach to the roof mounts to keep it firmly on the edge of the roof. Crossbars are connected to the mounts, ready for the duty expected.

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Depending on the design of your vehicle’s roof there are a plenty of options that must be considered. A vehicle with rain gutters will need an ARB roof racks outlined for the space of the gutter and also the height of the supports to clear the top of the roof. Heights can be as low as 140mm up to 280mm each depending on the height of the roof.

Late model passenger carriers generally do not have rain gutters, instead, the roof design requires specific accessories, or straps, that attach to the roof mount and cross bars.

Some are factory fitted tracks that enable the racks to move up and down to vary the width in the bars, others have a special slot in the roof to take accessories for the bars, while others are permanently fixed to the roof. All are intended to be able to carry things that are too bulky to save inside the vehicle. You can also visit this website to know more about the roof racks.