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Some Common Themes in African Art

When somebody sees African artwork, many things appear to come up over and over again. These things are lots of different items that are important to African civilization and show the significance of a number of its most amazing artwork.

There are few common themes in african artistry that reveal African civilization. Most artworks of these kind were designed for shrines or to get places of honor. The common themes are:


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Male and female couples, in most African societies it is uncommon for people to display their affection openly. The most frequent topic of the female and male couple is that of honor and strength, not love and closeness.

The mother and kid are often representative of mother earth and the people as her kids. African women will normally have a very powerful desire for children too. The powerful mother-child relationship is an essential part of African American culture.

A man with a weapon or creature (generally a horse) is usually produced to show honor to departed ancestors. Animals are seldom sculpted to show the outward elegance of this creature; however to provide status to the individual. 

As girls achieve significance by using their kids, men will frequently be honored in war. The person who goes into battle should have physical, psychological and spiritual ability to endure and to conquer. Hence the emphasis on the spoils of war in several African American works.

A final shared representation in African art is the stranger. In African stranger is a person from another tribe or country. They'd generally not be welcomed.