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Signing An E-Document Using An E-Signature

Going digital is not just a current trend or option-it's the only thing to be. Going digital is not only save your company a lot of energy and resources but also can improve your overall corporate image. One problem, though, to go digital and paperless is signing the document. The solution to the problem is E-signature.

E- signatures are not the same as digital signatures that need digital certificates. Electronic signatures are like pictures of your own signatures. There are websites such as that provide all the necessary information about E-signatures.

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If you're creative enough, you understand there are different alternatives to place in your e-signature for your e-document. Here are some things that you can do to generate your own E-signature:

Employ any graphics editing applications, you can make an internet image of your signature with your own mouse pointer. Save the file and get it added onto the soft copy of the record that requires your signature.

Start looking for a portable device that has a touch screen and from that point, draw your touch with the stylus that came with the apparatus (along with your finger in case no stylus can be obtained) and save the picture. Transfer it to your personal computer.