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Significant Effects of Green Tea

Green tea has many health benefits. There are several negative effects associated with the consumption of green tea.

One of the effects of green tea that makes it very popular now is its effect on weight loss. Green tea has been found to accelerate metabolism while at the same time helping to suppress appetite. Many people today use green tea for weight loss because it is a safe and healthy alternative to other weight loss supplements on the market today.

Another effect of green tea that is being seen today is its effect to help regulate blood sugar. Some studies have indicated that it can actually help reduce blood sugar levels. Green tea is a good natural choice to help protect against diabetes. You can purchase the best herbal green tea via

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One of the surprising effects of green tea is its ability to affect one's cholesterol. Green tea has actually been found in research to reduce bad cholesterol. At the same time, there are studies conducted that show it also increases a person's good cholesterol. These reasons make green tea a win-win solution for many people. This again makes green tea another safe and healthy choice for many people.

Another health effect of green tea is protecting the heart. Green tea has been recognized as a helper in the prevention of heart disease and stroke. The powerful antioxidants found in green tea destroy free radicals that can put a person's body at risk of heart disease.

Another promising effect of green tea is cancer prevention. Studies have shown populations where green tea consumption is part of everyday culture, the incidence of certain types of cancer is found to be lower than in green tea countries not so easily consumed.

The negative effects of green tea are few. One negative effect of green tea can be caffeine for some people. This can cause insomnia for some people. There is a solution. Green tea is available in decaffeinated form.