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Role of counters for Kitchen Decor

Is your kitchen the hub of your home? Is this the one room where everyone seems to gather, especially when you are having a party? And is your broken and stained kitchen table the main source of shame every time a guest helps you in the kitchen? Then you should pay special attention to these countertops when you plan your new kitchen decor. You can get ideas for Quick Remodels of Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling in Maryland, DC Metro  from Internet.

Following are some countertops that you can add to your kitchen:

  • Marble table – Marble table seems to be at the top of everyone's list today. They are far more durable than say, laminate tables, and are available in whatever color or pattern you can imagine, so they are the decorator's dream.
  • Granite countertop – More and more people are choosing granite. It is far more durable than marble and will not chip or scratch. It's less porous than marble so you don't need to worry about coloring and it's functional anywhere in your kitchen. Be careful, it's expensive.
  • Concrete tables – Concrete tables must be installed by professionals because they are actually poured on the site. But concrete is the most flexible of all materials and can be shaped and carved into a unique architectural design for your kitchen.
  • Countertops Slate – Slate is a beautiful and durable natural material. It does not burn, chip, scratch or stain. But even though it's less porous than others, you still have to seal it occasionally.
  • Wood countertop – Although wood countertop is beautiful and adds warmth to your kitchen, unlike other materials, this wooden countertop is porous and hence, wood countertop can be warped easily.