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Parging Repair Tips Which Every Home Owner Should Know

Parging refers to a mixture of motor usually applied to the outside wall of the house. Parging actually applied to the foundation walls are not covered with soil. As the house grew, a mortar mix may begin to wear out.

Parging repair is not required for newly built homes. This is because the mortar mix is still strong enough to withstand external pressure. Parging usually damaged by water, especially during the winter.

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Why Parging Repair is Necessary?

The walls that have parged not susceptible to damage caused by water until the house get old. If damage parging allowed persisting, the impact may extend to the floor of the house.

Getting Started:

Applying a new layer on top of the old parging is useless because it will also crack and fall off. It is therefore recommended that you get rid of parging damaged.

Because you cannot remove the old parging empty handed, you will need a cold chisel and hammer. Buying is probably the last option because after a few decades, repairs were paralyzed. If you're always on the go, consider hiring a handyman to repair the parking lot.

Chiseling Away:

After the materials and tools ready, you should use a chisel and hammer to remove the mortar cracks of the foundation walls.

Mixed mortar absorbs moisture as ice comes into contact with the parging finish and starts to swell from within. This water is what causes the cracks in the foundation walls to show up.