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Main Ingredients for Japanese Sushi

For real sushi lovers, suppressing appetite is a difficult job, actually unbearable and impossible! Even during get-togethers, homemade sushi can be a center of attraction for all guests. 

You can get an idea of ​​the popularity of this delicacy with a number of Japanese cuisine restaurants available around you. Unlike some other foods, people of all ages prefer to learn Japanese sushi techniques (Also known as “ เรียนรู้เทคนิคซูชิญี่ปุ่น “ in the Thai language).

Thevschool website has good information, and even step by step guides and recipes if you are willing to try to make their own sushi.

It is a delicacy with multifaceted advantages from the standpoint of getting the essential nutrients and vitamins. It has the best combination of fish, rice, and some natural herbs accompanied by sauces and pickles. 

Usually, three components are used in sushi. It is rice, raw and tender fish, and fillings. Many of the recipes show a systematic procedure. It starts from the storing fish in the right way, cooking the proper rice, preparing the fish slices, and using combinations of fillings. 

Making sushi is not difficult if you follow the right direction and follow all the steps involved in pre and during the making. It is always advisable to practice a few times and master the art before you invite guests for a treat.