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Identifying And Treating Anorexia Nervosa

Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder that embeds weight phobia continued by a distorted self-image. Individuals with the disorder see themselves as overweight and implement methods of drastic weight loss which include excessive dieting and exercise and self-induced vomiting.

Two common types of anorexia can be identified: the restricting type and binge eating. Individuals who fall under the "restricting type" will often deny themselves of the necessary nutrients needed for healthy function by not taking the advised amount of daily calories.  Are you or your loved one suffering from anorexia nervosa? You can also get the best anorexia nervosa treatment in Jacksonville.

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Individuals with this disorder have no appetite but deliberately refuse to lose weight. The second type is anorexia, excessive exercise or acts involving self-induced bowel movements to abolish food intake.

Both strains of anorexia prove very threatening, causing side effects such as hair loss, malnutrition, cessation of menstrual periods, and, if not treated, death.

Anorexia is fatal in 10% of cases. Therefore, individuals with the disorder need to seek medical care from anorexia treatment center.

The first step toward recovery for the individual to admit he has a problem. It is then important for him to avoid environmental factors that may trigger an obsession for thinness.

In anorexia treatment center, body evaluations will be done so the symptoms can be treated immediately.

Anorexia is a condition to the effect of aggressive, but with proper care at the center and experienced professionals focused on the treatment of anorexia, the disorder can be treated.