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How To Know If My Ex Boyfriend Wants Me Back

In today's post, we will be discussing how to know when it is time to rekindle the flames with your ex-boyfriend. If you are wondering what are the signs my ex boyfriend still has feelings for me, in just a few short moments you will have answer. Before we get started, if you get value out of what you read here, be sure to visit couples skills relationship blog for more helpful advice in the future. 

Here are the top things to look for when trying to figure out if your ex wants you back.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

It may have been a while since you broke up, but the chemistry between you is still off the charts. He says he is not interested in you anymore, but he still calls and texts you on a regular basis. He still gets irritated if you don't respond right away and every time you post on social media, he is one of the first to like your content. No matter what he says, his actions should tell you he is definitely interested in getting back with you.

You Can See It In His Eyes

Even though you all are not together, you still meet up every now and again for lunch. He may not be quick to hold your hand or kiss you in the mouth, but you can tell by the way he gazes deep into your eyes that he misses you dearly. His eyes and the way he looks at you should be a telltale sign of his feelings.

He Gets Super Jealous 

Anytime you are hanging out with your guy friends or he sees a new picture posted with a guy he does not know, he seems to give you the cold shoulder for a couple days. You try to reach out to say hello and he does not respond. Sure, it could be because he is just busy, but it is more likely because his feelings are hurt. Yet another sign he still has deep feelings for you in his heart. 

He Drunk Calls And Texts You 

It's really hard to hide your true feelings once the alcohol gets flowing. If your ex-boyfriend constantly calls and texts you every time they he has a couple of beers, this is yet another sign he is not ready to let it go. Even though this may make you feel wanted, don't start hooking up with them unless they are going to commit to a relationship again. 

He Won't Let You Move On

If you you've expressed interest in someone else and does everything in his power to ruin the relationship, this is another sign he can't let go. Be careful when you see actions like this because it can often lead to domestic violence issues down the road.

In summary, if your ex-boyfriend wants you back, it is likely all the signs above will be present at some point or another. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled and strike when the time is right. Thanks for reading and good luck.