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Benefits of Consuming Organic Foods


Manure is a natural fertilizer used allowing producing organic foods in large numbers. This fertilizer allows the soil to remain fertile and do not depend on synthetic fertilizers. Due to which, organic foods contain high amounts of micro to macro nutrients, antioxidants, etc. that are highly beneficial to our body. Let’s check some of the benefits of consuming organic foods on a daily basis.

  1. Only A Small Amount of Pesticides –In the field of agriculture synthetic materials such as insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, etc. are used for producing food. Organic foods are known to contain these materials in a small quantity.
  2. They Tend to Last Longer and Stay Fresher – Since organic foods do not depend on the use of preservatives, it allows the produced food to last longer and stay fresher.
  3. Animals Tend to Remain Healthier – Animals used for organic farming are allowed to grow naturally without giving any form of hormones and antibiotics. This allows them to roam freely in the farms maintaining better health for the longer run.
  4. No GMO – A plants DNA structure can be changed due to genetically modified organism or GMO. Due to this practice, a plant can produce its own version of insecticide. However, this type of change is not considered natural and therefore, organic foods do not contain such GMOs.
  5. Environmental Friendly – Organic farming technique is known to be friendly to the environment due to using less energy, helping the soil to remain fertile, conserve more water and reduce the levels of pollution.

You can buy many organic foods in Brisbane and other parts of Australia in many stores.