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What Are The Signs Which Show The Need For Dedicated Servers?

Whenever a business is started it requires a lot of efforts and tools to work properly. Then without servers, an online business cannot even think to work. If you are a business owner then you know how important is to manage your websites timely.

When you overlook the needs of your website your business might land in trouble. You need web hosting for your websites which fulfill all your requirements related to storage and wavelength. If you are in Australia and want to hire a web hosting company then you can search for servers in Melbourne for your business website.

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At the starting stage of your business, you might be using shared server hosting. This is beneficial also to use shared server hosting initially. But when your business starts expanding obviously your website will demand more wavelength. Then what you will do in this situation.

You should involve such hosting which is entirely dedicated to your website. You should use dedicated servers for your business websites if you want further growth in your business.

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There are several reasons which indicate the need for dedicated hosting for a business website:

  • Managing load

When your business flourish more people will surf your website. This increases the load on the website. If visitors for your business website are increasing day by day then you need dedicated hosting to accommodate increasing traffic on your website. To reduce loading time for your website you need dedicated servers.

  • Enhanced security

Shared server hosting is beneficial initially for a business when you do not have much security concerns. As your business grows you will start collecting confidential information for your business. If you want to secure your website from intruders then dedicated hosting is the best choice.

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Check out the post right here to know tips for hiring a web hosting company for your business needs. You will able to find a number of web hosting company in Australia choose the one which is providing quality services.

ClickFunnel v/s LeadPages: An In Depth Comparison

Any online business will need more than a simple landing page to generate profit. E-commerce is no different. To turn leads into customers of your online store, you must develop a sales funnel. This process brings your target audience closer to make a transaction with your site.

Creating a sales funnel from the ground up is not an easy task. It is a good thing you don’t have to this on your own. There are some tools dedicated to helping business owners create a high-converting sales funnel for your business. Two of the best ones out there are ClickFunnels and Leadpages.  But which between the two is right for you?


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In this article, we will discuss the CliclFunnel and LeadPages review in great detail.

ClickFunnel v/s LeadPages: How do they stack up?

LeadPages is a Cloud-based landing page software. Their pages are mobile-responsive and can be built through drag and drop editor. This makes the product appealing for people with limited to no coding experience. You can monitor the performance of your pages from within the site.

ClickFunnel can do the same things as LeadPages. What sets it apart is its sales funnel integration. This basically allows you to not only create ClickFunnel landing pages but also add a shopping cart or one-click upsells. You can set up webinars if you want.


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Features of LeadPages

  1. You can choose from three LeadPages plans upon signup: The Lead Page Standard, LeadPage Pro and LeadPage Advanced – all are billed annually. You can opt for their monthly billing plan but they end up costing more over time.
  2. All plans let you create landing pages and includes access to your templates.
  3. Only the Pro and Advance plans have the one-click signup link and SMS campaign features enabled.

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Features of ClickFunnels

  1. Easy to use online platform for building sales pages
  2. At $97 per month for their basic plan, ClickFunnel is on the expensive side but to some entrepreneurs, the included features could justify the cost.

LeadPages is designed to do one thing: create landing pages for lead generation and LeadPages does that very well. So if that is all your business requires then you would be very happy with them. But if you need something more powerful, ClickFunnel is the best way to go. All the features included with their plans might be the only tools you will need to drive your business. Check out here to learn the things you should look for in website builder for your next project in great detail.