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Saudi Arabia: Rules For Women In Hotel

In Saudi Arabia, women were earlier required to be escorted by a male guardian when going to hotels. But the authorities of Saudi Arabia, breaking the religious barriers, said that women can stay in hotels on their own. This was all due to the efforts of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.

A royal judgment permitted the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to set up new rules simply needing women to show individual identification which includes a photograph. This must be registered with the local police by the managers of the hotel.

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The hardline religious strictures and tribal custom in conservative Islamic state limit the movement of women. For example, Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world where women are prohibited from driving.

The women of this Islamic country can face immense persecution from the religious police if they are not escorted by a male person, who acts as her guardian, in public areas. These rules are not very strictly imposed for foreigners and in Jeddah, the liberal city of Saudi Arabia.

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According to a report, the rules which were set in this regard were worked out in coordination with the religious police organization and the Ministry of the Interior.  Both the bodies together passed this rule so as to have improved women’s rights in Saudi Arabia.

A yearning to incorporate women into the national economy and a concern over the image of the country overseas have driven liberal voices within the government to give up more freedom to the women in this country.

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King Abdullah has said that he fully supports every rule passed in favor of Saudi women, including allowing women to stay in a hotel alone and lifting the driving ban, but only when the society accepts it from their heart.

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