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PTZ Cameras-  The Best DVR Security Cameras

If you are looking for the best suitable cameras for digital video recorder (DVR) surveillance system, PTZ cameras will be on the top of the list. The pan/tilt/zoom cameras are the highly featured cameras that can perform additional useful functions as compared to another ordinary single stand camera.


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Here we are discussing some of the major reasons why PTZ cameras are the best surveillance cameras:

Freedom And Field Of Vision

PTZ as the name suggests, are able to perform pan, tilt and zoom in and zoom out functions. One of the main reason why PTZ is perfect is that it can capture a wide area with high-definition picture quality. You don’t need to fix it in a particular place to have the wide area vision as we do with single stand cameras

Pan, tilt and zoom with handheld remote enable you to see everything in your workplace, just like USB video conference Camera does. They can be operated from a remote location with the help of software.


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The zoom in features enables you to keep an eye on any suspicious activity. This makes PTZ a  powerful surveillance system. It can identify and capture the intruders or any suspicious activity using analytics.

Get Rid Of Wires

Wireless technology equipment makes the installation easier. You don’t need to face the problem of wiring clutter with wireless PTZ security camera. They have inbuilt powerful antennas that can transmit data with the speed of light over wide areas.


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Another useful aspect of wireless security cameras are, no one can spot them. Also, if you want to mount them somewhere else, you can change their position anytime without the hassle of fixing wires.

The element of surprise is crucial to your surveillance system.

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