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The Uses Of Hydraulic Cylinders In The Industry

With the advancement of technology automated systems have been developed to make the things operate smoothly and efficiently. One of the components that have been developed is a hydraulic cylinder. Such components are mechanical actuators.

Finding companies providing these components is not that difficult. You can simply search the term ‘hydraulics Perth’ on Google if you are looking for such components in this particular location.

In hydraulic cylinders, a unidirectional force is produced through a unidirectional stroke. Most of these devices are generally used in the construction of equipment. In this article, we are going to discuss the instances where hydraulic cylinders are used.


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These devices are used in the agriculture industry. The machines in which they are used are tractors, loaders, and harvesters. Even they are used in attachments for tractors, hydraulic wood splitters and more.

The other industry that uses a hydraulic cylinder is civil engineering.  The machines like excavators, bulldozers, trenchers and their attachments have hydraulic cylinders.

Also in the industries dealing with energy, the use of such components is very common.

When considering hydroelectric stations with gate controls, you will find that they also use hydraulic cylinders. The role of these cylinders is to open and close the gate to control water flow.

These hydraulic cylinders are also used for mechanical engineering. Their use is mostly found in production lines, feeding devices, forming machines, plastic forming machines, transportation devices and producing ecological equipment.


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Another important use of hydraulic cylinders is in shipbuilding. They are used in transportation equipment, in steering mechanisms, hoists and more. Various other industries where the use of hydraulic cylinders is found are aeronautical, automotive, construction and food. To know more about hydraulic cylinders click here.

Hydraulic cylinders are found in various forms to perform different roles. The forms available are double-acting, single-acting, plunger and telescopic cylinders.

Though there is a variation of the device, two main components that are mainly found are a barrel and the piston. The other important component of such devices includes the base, head, piston rod, welded port, deals, rod end, flange, bushes, bearings, and other small parts. All these components are put together to make them function properly.