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Steps To Follow For Church Event Planning

Decide a Budget

The budget for Church events can range from $5. to $30. per person, of course it is dependent on the type of food, beverage and entertainment used in the event.

Most often the food comprises the 50% of the whole budget and the rest is distributed to rentals, prizes/gifts and entertainment.

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Objective & Theme Selection

The main aim of the event may be for spreading awareness about your church, fundraising or just an obligation event. Whatever may be your objective, having a theme based event will create more among excitement.

You may select from the following mentioned popular church event themes:

  • Medieval Theme
  • Antiquated Theme
  • Celebration Theme
  • 1950’s Theme
  • Caribbean Theme

Church Prayer

If you want to find a church in your area, you may type churches around me on your Google search engine page and select the church accordingly.

Select the Date & Time

The date of the event is determined by the church calendar, entertainment and the availability of the vendor. Obviously the planning for such kind of events starts months before, especially if it to be held on popular time of the year, like New Year.

Selection of the Location

Most of the church events are held on church grounds. If it needs to be a large event then it has to be held somewhere else. In this case you need to pay a rental fee.

The place of the event should be reachable to your attendees. To find a church event in your locality, you may visit

Church Event Calender

Selection of Equipment and Entertainment

Entertainment may be provided by professional paid entertainer or the church members itself. Whichever way, it should be suitable according to your theme. You may hire entertainers like balloon artists, clowns, face painters and caricature performers.

With that, you also check the availability of the equipments that would be needed for your event.

Food, Beverage and decoration

Some churches prefer to hire a caterer to provide the food. You may arrange a sit-down dinner program or a buffet. You must consider space while planning the food and beverage selections. Decoration is done according to the selected theme.