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Train Your Jack Russell With Ease

Training your Jack Russell Terrier dog is not at all difficult now. If you follow some simple steps, you will surprisingly find it more enjoyable and easy. Jack Russell is an intelligent dog who is always active and full of energy. His favourite activity is to play.

In ancient times people used to take them for hunting small animals, like foxes or squirrels, which means they are extremely curious. You can use these qualities for the training and make him a lovable companion for many years.

Jack Russell Dog

In the starting you have to devote your time in playing and teaching your adorable puppy. As they have a sharp mind, they do not take much time to learn to go potty outside the house. You may visit to hire professional that can provide training to your Jack Russell Terrier Dog.

If you choose to give training to your pet yourself, then you must start it with the litter training, taking them to straight to that area where you want them to go after entering into the house. Make sure that this area is not close to fences as this will make them dig in that particular area.

Jack Russell Terrier at the beach

You may require being with them for at least half an hour or more so that they can explore the area. Initially they won’t like it, but you have to make that place comfortable for him. If you are interested to buy a Jack Russell Terrier puppy on sale, you may go through

As Jack Russell puppies love digging all the time, you would also require to train them on where to dig and where not. Pick a place where you want him to dig in your yard and away from fences. Before bringing your puppy to that area, make a small hole and bury a chew toy or a bone and fill it back again.

Jack Russell Terrier Puppy

Now take your puppy close to that selected place and tell him to ‘dig’. When he will find the bone or toy praise him and spend some time playing with him. Repeat this activity for some days.

If then also you find them digging somewhere where you don’t want them to dig, scold them with a strong non-angry voice. Keep on staring them until they lower their head. It will establish your authority in the relationship.